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No VAC bans or game bans less than 60 days old. This includes all linked or associated accounts. Please do not join any Mango Servers if you have an alt account that has been gamebanned. Currently we do NOT allow players who have been gamebanned before. Regardless of how old the ban is. Any player who has a gamebanned alt will be found and removed.

Absolutely no usage of hacks/cheats/scripts. This server is actively monitored and you will be banned.

Racism/Homophobia/Bigotry will not be tolerated in the chat. Any attempts to bypass in-game chat filters will result in a mute/ban. Those consistently using offensive terms in chat will be warned/muted. Repeat offenders will be banned outright.


No advertisements are allowed on this server. This includes other servers and streams. Any ads will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned from the server and the discord!

Maximum group size is posted in the servers. You may swap 1 player per wipe. Once that player is swapped out they are not allowed to play with your group until the following wipe.

How to swap members

when/If you swap a player you must

- Change all of your door codes - De-authorize your TC - Destroy their bags - They are not allowed to base near you if they get back on the server - You are now no longer allowed to be actively civil with neighbors. Every group for themselves! - If you fail to complete any of these things after a swap, it will be assumed that you are attempting to circumvent the rules to bypass the group limit Alliances

Alliances are strictly prohibited on group limited servers.

*Roaming team must abide by server group limit
*Raid team must abide by server group limit
*Maximum players in base must abide by server group limit

Toxicity is a part of rust, but excessive toxicity may be muted/banned. Personal attacks/Doxxing will not be tolerated. Respect the Mod/Admin team. They are really only here to help and make Mango a great place to play!

Respect the admins and mods as they are here to help. The staff on mango work hard to keep a fair gaming environment for everyone and there is no need to be disrespectful.